NAISH ORBIT LW Kiteboard 152cm x 45cm, inkl. Apex Binding, Demoboard, Top Zustand!!!

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Lightwind Freeride


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Naish ORBIT Leichtwind Kiteboard, 152cm x 45cm, DEMO-BOARD IN TOP ZUSTAND

inkl. Naish APEX-BINDING


Lightwind Freeride


The Orbit is designed with a large surface area and low rocker for early planing and freeride fun in lightwind conditions.

Its surface area, flat rocker, double concave bottom shaping and responsive flex provide easy planing, a smooth ride, superior edging and soft landings. It also features an angled heel-side center fin for strong upwind performance while still maintaining a playful ride.

The Orbit is the ideal twin tip for riders of any skill level who are looking to increase their number of days on the water!

Key Features:

  • NEW Low Flex F30 = Ideal for slow-to-medium speed riding
  • 3-Stage Rocker R10/8/20 = Low drag early planing + balanced riding
  • 4° Angle Center Fin = Upwind performance with minimal drag
  • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip
  • Side-cut Rails = Maximized surface area + back foot grip
  • Framework Deck = Lightweight + adds rigidity

Lieferumfang: Naish Board Orbit, 5,0cm G10 Fins & 5,0cm G10 Lightwind Fin, Grab Handle, Naish Apex Binding


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